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Below are some commonly asked questions regarding flight training and tours.   If you have a question that is not addressed below, please let us know and we would be happy to respond.

What are the requirements to become a Sport Pilot?

The basic requirements to become a Sport Pilot are to fly at least 20 hours, be at least 17 years old (16 years old to solo), and be able to read, speak, write& understand the English language.  You must also be in generally good health and hold a current drivers license.

How long does it take to get a Sport Pilot license and what are the restrictions?

You can earn a Sport Pilot license in as little as 3-4 weeks.   20 hours are all that is required by the FAA.   Those hours consist of 15 hours of flight instruction and 5 hours of solo.   Sport pilots are restricted to LSA (Light Sport Aircraft), which are 2-seat low-weight aircraft like the new C-162 Skycatcher.   Other restrictions include no night-time flying and no IFR flying (flying through clouds).   The Sport Pilot license can be used as a stepping stone to the Private Pilot License.   Total cost of a Sport Pilot package is $4,995.

What are the requirements to become a Private Pilot?

The basic requirements to become a Private Pilot are to fly at least 40 hours, be at least 17 years old (16 years old to solo), and be able to read, speak, write & understand the English language. You must also be in generally good health and be able to pass a basic physical.

How long does it take to get a Private Pilot license?
That depends on how often you can take flight lessons and how motivated you are to learn.    Our average student flies once a week.   At that rate, it takes about 4-5 months. However, we have had students finish the syllabus and take the checkride in as quick as 12 weeks, but that was flying 3-4 times a week (not to mention a lot of cramming).   Just remember, the pilot syllabus has a total of 24 flights (40 hours) built into it.  The more frequent you can fly, the sooner the flights get done.  

How long is a pilot license good for before it needs renewed?

Unlike a drivers license that expires after a period of time, a pilot license NEVER EXPIRES and is good for life.  That means it never needs renewed!  However, you will need to fly a Flight Review (BFR) every 2 years to ensure you remain a safe pilot.   This is a 1 hour refresher flight with an instructor of your choice to review any area you wish.   You cannot fail this flight, and it is used to ensure you continue to fly safely.

How much does it cost to get a Private Pilot license?

The National average is between $10,000 and $15,000.  We are on the bottom end of this range at $9,925 broken into 4 payments.  Bottom line, pilot training is not a place to cut corners or shop for the cheapest price, your future safety in the sky depends on it!   Concentrate, study for your lessons, fly and have fun!

Package deal: the package deal is fixed price, to include UNLIMITED GROUND SCHOOL, and a CHECKRIDE GUARANTEE!. Total fixed-price package deal is $9,925.

What careers are available after I get my pilot certificate?
Air Charter, Air Taxi, Flight Instruction or even the Airlines.   These career fields require a Commercial certificate so you can be paid to fly.    General aviation also provides an excellent initial step into the military cockpit.  

After I get my license, then what?Will I be able to rent airplanes or buy one of my own?
Yes, just like renting a car with your drivers license, you can go to any airport that has rental aircraft and rent any airplane that you are rated for.   Most rental aircraft are single engine 2 or 4 seat propeller-driven Piper's or Cessna's.    If you are the ambitious type, you may choose to purchase your own aircraft.    You would be surprised to know that you can purchase a reliable used aircraft for as little as $15,000.    If owning a plane by yourself is not your thing, try a partnership.    There are partnerships available at Herlong for $13000 for a 33% share of a 4 seat Piper Cherokee.

Are your prices "per person"?   Can I bring someone else on my trip?

The prices quoted are for the person receiving the training. You may have others ride with you for a flat fee of $25. This applies to our trips too.

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